China has stationed her army very close to the Indian border,and also has threatened of surgical strikes.India was already knowing of China’s intentions and for that reason kept her armed forces ready for defence, if needed.But China hs misinterpreted yhis move


A leader”s speech is like a toothbrush.It cleans only the outside,not the hearts of the people

Source: flooding

We are at the middle of the year 2017. The monsoon has arrived slightly earlier than usual in India. July is the month when heavy rains are expected.It is predicted that the rains in this year will be sufficient for the agricultural activities if due care is taken to preserve the water by controlling floods,overflowing of lakes and absorption of water in the earth, so that the trees will not starve even after the rains. Flooding is very common in Orissa and Bihar,where when the rivers are in spate, some villages may be cut off due to bridges going down the waters and the residents have to be migrated to safer regions before their houses are submerged in the flood waters.India doesn’t have sufficient helicopters for this purpose,although the navy and Air Force always cooperate in such conditions.Above all, the damage done in such circumstances will be prevented in future,if the rivers are joined as per the plans now made,only the work have to be speeded up at all cost.

amongst the options shown by Kristen for possible reasons why the story never ends, the most appropriate reason appears to be “that’s just life.In real life also the story never ends.Wars may come and may end the vanquished never dies I daresay the fighting amongst men may put an end to human race on this earth But there may be other planets like the  earth thousands of light years away where life will extst,not only that there may be another universe outside our universe where life will be prevailing, the story will not have an end

संजयजि.जगाचि दोरि त्याच्या हाति असलि तरि माणसाने ति उलट्या दिशेने खेचु नय़े,पाणि सांठवावे,चर खणावे पाणि मातित जिरवावे, पाणि फाउंडेशन ला अवशय भेट द्या

Source: ” क्षण हासरा “