Thus said mother

When I was a little girl,
I asked my mother,
Why should I go to school,
And this is what she said,”o;kid,,
you have to learn,
So that when you come of age,
You can get a job and earn,
And let us our butter churn”
And thus I learnt the first lesson of my life,
Before I completed my school
That love is not free in this world,
One who doesn’t know this is a fool.
A thought comes to my mind
that mother earth is much more kind
For her you have only to till, fill
One thing one must bear in mind
That greedis not liked by anyone,
And mother earth is no exception,
Do not kill the goose giving golden eggs,
Or milk the cow too much,
If you pollute the air,
by cutting mother earth’s hair,
Green in colour
To reap the fruits,
You will not be there
(First published on 13 April 2015


Published by krishnakumarpradhan2

Acommerce graduate from Pune,I practiced wit a chartered accountant for 3 years and having beentaken up as an audit assistant in a insurance organisation , worked there in various capacities for more than 43 years, and now retired and staying in Mumbai Interested in making poems in english, hindi, and mainly in marathirecorded in my blog,member of senior citizen's associations like "sobativileparle"and "dilasa"I have sent a recording to https://SoundCloud.comuser468313291geetkar,and a poem to website http://gravatar/krishnakumarpradhan2, took part in freedom movement while studying at school,and in Goa liberation movement while studying for C.A.Could not pass C.A. i.e.Chartered accountants Institute of India's final exam

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