Once upon a time there was a country named India i.e. Bharat.For about one and a half century it was under the heel of a western country called Great Britan.Then came a wave of freedom movement lead by Godsent men and wome  like Mahatma Gandhi,Pandit Nehru,Sarojini Naidu and so on.Thje nation was united in the fight forfreedom and finally won it.But soon afterwards the country began to disintegrated.The people began to fight between themselves divding themselves into variou sgroups.political,religeon wise,castewise and even sex wise.The process is still continued reducing the fame of the country in the world and bringing it down in the row of ideal democracies. Pleasenote that what is written above is part of fiction.It is not meant to give a rope for more discussion and arguments.I pray to God that there will be peace and Harmony hereafter.