It is observed that I freuently forget my passrd for my email idntities.If I try to reset my password ,I am asked several questions to prove my identities.To avoid all these, I sometimes take a new name to sign up as new entrant or sometimes I open an account with another server. In this manner I have copied the Hindu God Sri Narayan who took several avatars to destoy different Rakshasas or devils.Perhaps Rakshasas wer a branch of underdevelped humans, and all those warriors who killed them were treated as Avatars of the God.It is very easy to call a brave mn as Avatar,as common people do not strive that level of brevity as shown by him.Well, that is aside the subject. My several identities are due to my hesitation to prove myself.It has no connection with brevity or any such virtue,It is to br decided which identity would finally be mine.