I am a senior man,there is no doubt about it.  The first thing that obstructs at this age is loneliness.  Your family members are no longer interested in your problems ,as thry have their own engagemnets and problems including problems of their children.  One thing can help you is joining a senior citizens’ association,and I did the same after retiremnt.  The name of my association is a marathi word “sobati”which means a friend or an associate,colleague.

I was never a good orator.  But after joining the association, I started making short speeches.  Formely,I was having stage freight, but when I see familiar faces, or sometimes cannot seeexpressions on facess at all,from the stage, I am not afraid to speak.  I refrain from speaking far a long time,as I know that people listening are not going to gain anything from what i speak.  But sometimes I do recite my poems.  Poems are not liked by some people,but these people forget that the Marathi songs they like so muthe day when i am one of the celbratees,chare based on poems.  Anyway,the association celebrates birthdays once a month,and the day when i am going to be one of the celebritees is not far.  Wish me good luck,thank you

Krishnakumar pradhanAge matters