When I was a little girl,I asked my mother

“Why should i go to school?”

And this is what she said,”Oh, my little kid

You have to learn,

So that when you come of age,

You can get a job and learn,

And let us our butter churn”.

And thus I learnt my first lesson

Before I completed my school,

That love is not free in this world,

One who doesn’t know this is a fool.

A thought comes to my mind,

that as compared to human beings

Mother earth is much more kind,

For her you have only to till,

And sow some seeds until

She makes your belly fill.

But greed is not liked by anyone

And mother earth is no exception

Do notkill the goose laying golden eggs

Or milk the coww too much,

If you cut the hair, green in colour

Of your Mother Earth  and polute the air,

To reap the fruits, you will not be there