I am not born to be a poet,I am sorrry,        this is what you should never say,     

just open the window,                                   and peep out to hear           

the wind is singing lullaby,                           to trees and creepers alike                

and putting them to sleep.

And look at the rebel bud ,                            whose green cap is blowwn away    

and who bashfully reveals,                           her facef ull of beauty.               

And seeingall these miracles,                        don’t you change your harsh mind,    

and think at least for a moment,                  of making a poem,O’mankind?


Published by krishnakumarpradhan2

Acommerce graduate from Pune,I practiced wit a chartered accountant for 3 years and having beentaken up as an audit assistant in a insurance organisation , worked there in various capacities for more than 43 years, and now retired and staying in Mumbai Interested in making poems in english, hindi, and mainly in marathirecorded in my blog http://bhashabharati.blospot.com,member of senior citizen's associations like "sobativileparle"and "dilasa"I have sent a recording to https://SoundCloud.comuser468313291geetkar,and a poem to http://poetsindia.com website http://gravatar/krishnakumarpradhan2, took part in freedom movement while studying at school,and in Goa liberation movement while studying for C.A.Could not pass C.A. i.e.Chartered accountants Institute of India's final exam

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